Happy New Year and welcome to Mead Buzz!  Mead Buzz was designed to act as a directory of all known commercial meaderies from around the world, provide fully-annotated listings of all meads produced by each, and offer news and current events revolving around the mead industry.  While we realize there are a few other websites out there which offer some of these features, we have found that many are incomplete, inaccurate, or out of date.  Our love for mead has created a passion for wanting to discover and explore any and all commercial meaderies around the world.  We found the lack of complete information available online to be inhibiting and thus, are dedicated to ensuring our information is up to date and accurate as possible.  MeadBuzz.com features include: 


o       Meadery Directories

·     View commercial meaderies by state

·    Under construction – View commercial meaderies by country


o         Dedicated Information Pages for Each Meadery

·     Whether or not meadery offers a tasting room

·     Address

·     Directions linked to Google maps

·     Business logo

·     Direct link to meadery website to learn more about them

·     Complete listing of meads in production, with full descriptions, including ABV% as well as bottle label images when possible


o          “What’s the Buzz?”

·     Blog posts reporting on current events and happenings

·     Mazer Cup

·     Mead festivals

·     Grand openings

·     New products and offerings

·     Industry news

·     Guest writers

·     Much more!


Explore and enjoy.  Happy mead-ing!

Dave and Mandy Grimsby